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Azurite Alchemy

Black Onyx Pendulum

Black Onyx Pendulum

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Black onyx is such a powerful protective crystal. The extremely grounding stone, helps bring forth a more emotional, intellectual and physical balance really helping one to release any fears and negative energy one may be feeling.  

Pendulums are great to use as the combined energy of the chosen stone and your own energy flow seamless together which aid with receiving extra guidance from your higher self, spirit guides and angels.

How to: Pendulums are traditionally used with a yes or no answer. Simply start by cleansing your space, with either a cleansing stick of choice or incense stick and then hold the pendulum by the chain and ask yes and no to see which direction these go before asking your questions. This is just one way of using a pendulum, let your intuition guide you.



All our crystals are pre cleansed with sage before they are packed and sent out to you however you can always cleanse and program your crystals when they arrive as well! Please note that although every effort has been made to photograph the crystals as accurately as possible, different lighting and display monitors may alter the colours slightly. 

Care information

To follow the care instructions and to maintain the longevity of the jewellery please have a look at our Jewellery Care page. 

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