Honey Green Calcite  - Gold

Honey Green Calcite - Gold

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Honey Calcite has such an empowering and uplifting energy. It really helps clear away any old, stagnant energy and brings forth more positive energy. This vibrant crystal, helps boost ones confidence and self worth, making it the perfect crystal for the Root and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Green Calcite has such a soothing and calming energy. It helps encourage forgiveness with oneself and helps one to release any old emotional blockages that may be in the heart, making this the perfect Heart Chakra crystal.

This beautiful mix of honey and green calcite makes this such a powerful crystal and when combined with your own unique energy it will seamlessly flow together to help guide you on your spiritual journey.

Pendant with gold plated 18-20inch chain. 

To follow the care instructions and to maintain the longevity of the jewellery please have a look at our Jewellery Care page. 

All our crystals are pre cleansed with sage before they are packed and sent out to you however you can always cleanse and program your crystals when they arrive as well!

Please note that although every effort has been made to photograph the crystals as accurately as possible, different lighting and display monitors may alter the colours slightly.